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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fun with the Website

Hale & Fun is moving to its own Domain name. Up to this point, it was put under the Domain of its umbrella business Lone Wolf Foundation ("when you are the best, you don't need a pack!") but once we started to put together the business cards and brochures it became apparent that this wouldnt do for a number of reasons. Firstly, the website name was Lonewolffoundation/HaleandFun which was definitely too long, and to set up business email addresses (which are much more professional looking than a gmail account) they would all end in Which when the business is called Hale & Fun isn't really much better than gmail for sending that message of professionalism to our clients. The final nail in the coffin for the old domain name was the suggestion that Lone Wolf really wasn't conveying the message we wanted to send to our clients and distancing the two may be best.

If you are wondering how I came about these insights in the first place, well I wish I could say it was my own keen business mind which is sensitive to the mindset of our clients but while I am narcissistic and love to take credit for..well almost anything, I have to confess that none of these aspects were apparent to me- Once again it was the tireless work of my focal groups who were willing to patiently explain to me each and everyone of these issues, I was probably slightly biased because I really love the whole Lone Wolf concept (I mean Come on, it is a cool motto right?). But credit where credit is due and so I must once again thank them for taking the time to explain it to me.

But this does raise a very important issue (no, not the whole idea of why has my talent never been recognised when I can come up with mottos like "Healthy minds, active bodies, forever young" and "When you are the best, you don't need a pack") of Domain names and emails. When I first purchase the domain name I was in a hurry to take advantage of a discount offer (oh my social psychologist who spent an entire semester teaching up about the tricks sales people use would have been disappointed in me falling for that one) and so just used the main name of my businesses, I didn't even give a thought to how that would look on a brochure or business card. Such is the learning curve of business. Luckily we live in a world saturated with hosting companies and although it was a mistake and did cost me time and money it is not a great one and it did once again show that no matter how well you plan even the greatest of us (That would be me) can..well, I dont want to say "can be wrong" lets just say can be less right than they normally are!

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